About Ram-Z Music

Ram-Z Music was born in 1991 under the name Village Music II. Since its birth both Village Music and Village Music II buy a lot of items together to lock in the best prices. This better discount is then conveyed to the end consumer to not only allow for convenience in location to those local, but to also deliver competitive pricing. It also allows us to offer many different brands, and gives us access to brands that we normally would be locked out of. The owners of Village Music(The Blattners) and the Ramseys many years ago were neighbors and knew each other even prior. Tony Ramsey began teaching strings for the Zionsville store and soon after, this co-op was born.

The Atmosphere of our store is unparalleled, we are a family business that most people know upon entering they will be greeted on a first name basis, and we know our customers and what they need and want. Our teachers are among the best in the industry. We adhere to a very strict policy with our teachers, and how they teach. All of our students are taught to read music, and the skills they need to not only understand, but to also put into practice through performance.